Hi, I’m Audrey Benson Nuamah, and welcome to our blog.

A quick background on us…

I am a Wife, Mother, Aunt, Daughter, Sister and Artist. I love my Ghanian husband, Stephen Nuamah whom I met while I lived abroad for five years teaching dance in China. We met in Wenzhou, China and then moved to Shanghai together where we legally got married.

We had our wedding ceremony in Boracay, Philippines and our honeymoon in Palawan, Philippines.

destination wedding

During our honeymoon we found out we were pregnant with our first baby girl.

Six months later, I moved back to my hometown in Arizona and then two months after that, Stephen joined me. Then Jakayla was born and blessed our lives. What an amazing experience!

About a year later, my sister unfortunately was in a tragic bike accident and passed away. We took in her, at the time 12 year old son, my nephew. He is now 14.

We currently have a baby boy on the way and are excited to expand our family.

Becoming a Mother to two and Guardian to a teen in just under three years has been quite the experience. We have learned so many things along the way and can’t wait to share our experience with other parents. I hope my story, our advice and tips & tricks on parenthood helps you along your journey.

Let’s connect! Share a comment below about your journey! We would love to hear from you!