Planning a Baby Shower on a Low Budget

planning a gorgeous baby shower on a low budget, planning a baby shower

Planning a Gorgeous Baby Shower On a Low Budget 


During your first pregnancy, you might be completely clueless on planning a gorgeous baby shower on a low budget or how to throw a baby shower in general.

I have been in your shoes. About three years ago, I was living in Shanghai, China and found out I was pregnant. I abruptly found out that I would need to head back to the US much sooner than I had anticipated. That meant if I even wanted a baby shower with my friends there, I was going to have to plan a baby shower on a low budget and do it super quickly. I used a couple phone apps, taobao links (china’s version of ebay), and our small 1 bedroom apartment to make this happen. We also decided to throw a small baby shower, with just family, once we arrived in The States.

This second pregnancy I’m currently in, I am home in the US and have let my mother and sister-in-law take the lead over the planning of our baby boy’s baby shower. This means I have a variety of experience in planning a gorgeous baby shower on a low budget in two different countries. Two different styles and two different approaches. Both are helpful to you and you can pick and choose from each method the things that may work best for you depending on your own personal situation. Trust me, I know how important it is to want to have a baby shower and sometimes you just need help on how to plan one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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What Does Planning a Baby Shower On a Low Budget Actually Mean? 

This answer is quite self-explanatory. If you are wanting to save money on a baby shower then you’re going to need to do it on a low budget.

  • First, come up with a number that works for your family.
  • Keep things as simple as possible and cover the basics.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still make it cute you’ll just have to get more creative and do some things yourself. This can actually be quite fun and exciting so don’t let your low budget discourage you from having an amazing baby shower! It’s totally possible!

Baby Shower Myths  

  1. You Should Have Someone Else Plan Your Baby Shower For You.

    Girl listen, as ideal as that sounds it’s not always possible. Especially if you’re not living close to family members. Or maybe you’re not close to them at all. Whatever your reasoning is, your reality might be that you have to do it yourself. Which is completely okay and possible. For example, with my first kiddo, I was abroad and far from family and had very little time to get things done. The fastest way I could make it happen was to do it myself. So my best advice here is to throw out any expectations you “should” do and do what’s best for you and your current situation. After all, it’s your own baby and coming from someone who has experience doing it both ways, in the end, you can have an amazing baby shower either way.

  2. You Should ALWAYS Pick a Theme for a Baby Shower

    Although, you may prefer to have a cute little theme picked out and ready to go, sometimes when you’re doing things on a low budget that means you have to keep things super simple. And what is more simple than letting the baby shower be about the baby. The theme in itself can be just that. Baby shower colors for boy using boy colors, baby shower colors for girls using girl colors, or if you’re keeping the gender a surprise for the birth then neutral baby shower decorations are totally doable and all of these can be just as cute!

  3. You Should Have Your Baby Shower During The Day

    A celebration is a celebration and there’s no perfect time when you HAVE to have your baby shower. If you are a night person do it at night, if you’re a morning person do it in the morning, if you love the afternoons, do it in the afternoon. Momma, it’s your baby shower so plan it at a time that works best for you and your family. The right people will show up for your event regardless of the time.

How to Plan a Baby Shower On a Low Budget? 

What do you need to get started?

Internet access, a phone and or computer, apps such as pic collage or a photo editor of your choice.

  1. Decide on your budget for the shower
  2. Create your invitation list with names, emails, phone numbers
  3. Decide on a date, time and location
  4. Make a list of things you’ll need for the baby
  5. Create your baby registry
  6. Have ideas for your nursery planned out in advanced before the shower
  7. Design your flyer or invite
  8. Send invites
  9. Choose decorations that can match your nursery theme
  10. Choose your menu items
  11. Choose your baby shower activities
  12. Set up and Enjoy the event!

Tips For Success On Planning a Baby Shower On a Low Budget.

  1. Discuss your budget with your partner and agree on it. Communicate clearly.
  2. Use google drive spreadsheet to help organize your invitation list. That way if you have anyone helping you plan you can easily share the link with them.
  3. Select a date, time and location that you know will be convenient for most of your guests. This makes for a better turn out. But remember you won’t be able to please everyone so when it comes down to it, do whats best for your family and the right people will show up.
  4. Research what you will really NEED for your newborn baby and create a list.
  5. Choose a registry that is user friendly. Amazon, target, babiesrus are all great sites.
  6. If you have your nursery already planned out in advanced, you can add to it with baby shower decor saving you lots of extra money.
  7. I recommend using pic collage app for a flyer, or paperlesspost for electronic invites.
  8. Send your invites via email, or you can send a flyer via group chat or a private message.
  9. Choosing decor that matches your nursery saves money because again, you can use the baby shower decor for the baby’s room.
  10. Having a potluck with close family members or friends can help lower your budget big time when it comes to the food menu.
  11. Research different ideas you can do for baby shower activities and select the ones that work for you. Organize the event with these activities and test them out before the big day.
  12. Give yourself plenty of time to set up your event-ask for help with close friends and or family. Take photos before people arrive, during and after. Document this journey. It’s a precious one.

Additional TIPS

  • Follow the steps one step at a time
  • Complete each step before moving onto the next
  • Ask for reliable help if you have the time to delegate, if you don’t have the time remember to  stay on track and praise yourself for being able to do it by yourself
  • Decide and stick to your decisions
  • Enjoy the process
  • Take lots of photos of the event 


Frequently asked questions 

When should you plan a baby shower?

Typically the best time to plan a baby shower is some time during the middle to end of your second trimester. This gives you plenty of time to get more things for the baby that you might not have received during your shower. The typical time of day for a baby shower is lunch time, but there’s no right or wrong time for your event. It’s totally up to you.

How much does it cost to have a baby shower?

It really depends on your budget and what you want to spend on your baby shower. But the typical range for a successful baby shower is anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Do guys go to a baby shower?

Traditionally guys don’t attend baby showers but there’s no rule book on who is allowed to attend your shower. You can invite whomever you desire. I personally had two coed baby showers for my daughter, 1 in Shanghai and 1 in The States. I will have another coed baby shower for my future son.

Who plans a baby shower?

Typically a close family member or friend will help you organize and plan the baby shower but depending on your situation you might need to do it yourself which is totally possible and doable. I’ve done it both ways and both showers turned out lovely.

What are some baby shower themes?

Here’s a list of some baby shower themes that you might find cute and helpful.

  • Elephant
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Rubber Duckie
  • Zoo Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Basic Colors, Blue, Pink, or Neutral
  • Bun in the oven
  • Unicorns and Rainbows
  • Owls
  • Shapes
  • Baby Supplies ie: pacifiers, bibs, bottles

CLICK HERE  to read more on decorating for a baby shower on a low budget.

What are the baby shower foods to wow your guests?

  • Veggie Dip Cups
  • Fruit Salad
  • Chicken Panini Sandwiches
  • Cheese Plates
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Tuna Casserole
  • Pretzel Bites with Cheese
  • Sausage and Egg Casserole
  • Cake Pops
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Cupcakes

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Planning a Baby Shower On a Low Budget. 

Remember to stick to all the steps and stay within your budget. You will have a successful baby shower on the budget you choose if you can stay creative and complete each step. Utilize all the tips and watch how your baby shower will come to life! It will be amazing! You got this momma!!

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