Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillows   

Are you waking up numerous times a night due to pregnancy symptoms? If you’re anything like me you’re probably anxiously excited to meet your little one, but let’s keep it real…you’re also probably exhausted from experiencing all the things that come along with pregnancy, including sleepless nights from the constant discomfort of aches/pains, peeing nonstop and don’t forget those hot flashes. Not to mention you might be worrying about all the preparation that needs to take place before welcoming your newborn. Don’t get me wrong, the preparation can be super exciting, yet also stressful, especially when you’re not getting enough rest. 

With that being said, there’s got to be something to help ease your sleep, allowing you to feel more of those positive exciting emotions I’m sure you want to have during your pregnancy.

But before we get into the solution, let me ask you a simple question that you may be struggling with…

Are You Still Attempting to Train Yourself to Stay Asleep on Your Side Throughout the Night?

When you’re pregnant, it can be challenging to obtain strong sleep for a number of reasons. One major reason: As the infant grows and as you grow, it might become more difficult to find a comfy position during the night. By the 2nd trimester, if you’re still resting on your back, it’s time to move, considering that the weight of your increasing stomach can compromise your blood flow. By the third trimester, even if you naturally prefer to rest on your left side, which is an excellent position throughout pregnancy, the sheer weight of your bump combined with the raised laxity in your joints as your body gets ready for childbirth can include serious aches and pains.

What Is The Safest Position to Sleep in While Pregnant?

The safest rest position throughout maternity gets on your side, ideally your left side. This position guarantees a good circulation of blood and nutrients to your growing baby. That’s because the weight of your growing uterus can press your inferior vena cava, which can lower blood circulation to your infant. If you’re used to resting on your back, a pregnancy pillow can aid you in inconveniently finding a comfortable side position. 

Could a maternity pillow swoop in and save the day (or instead, evening)? Absolutely.

What Are Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillows?

Some ladies utilize a long, rectangular body pillow, which can slide under their growing bellies as well as between their knees. Others choose little, wedge-like layouts that fit under the tummy to boost alignment via the hips, legs, and back. You can additionally acquire large, contoured pillows that encircle your entire body, sustaining your head, neck, belly, as well as legs in order to boost your resting stance. 

Smaller cushions, like wedges, can offer alleviation to a particular location and also are much more compact.: U-shaped pillows run the length of your body and are developed to cradle both sides of your body and also your head. In the early days of maternity, numerous women find these comfortably prop them so they can sleep on their backs.

For example, if you’re a typical back sleeper, a pillow that goes behind your back may be an excellent choice to help train you to sleep on your side. If you don’t normally utilize numerous pillows, a big, contoured layout could feel surrounding, while a small wedge may be simply sufficient. Talk with close friends about what worked for them in reality, someone might even have one that you can try prior to you acquiring one yourself, so you can see to it that you like it.

Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It?

Thinking about exactly how challenging maternity can be, and also the need to rest before the little one shows up, it stands to reason that anything that assists you to improve sleep throughout this time is a great financial investment. So, if you find yourself regularly waking during the night, consider a maternity pillow a try. You might discover it’s just what you require to sleep more soundly. 

There’s a good deal to consider when picking a pregnancy pillow, so for your convenience, we have put together a list of Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillows that we know you’ll love. 

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