What’s Your Love Language? Quiz

Many people may not know that they have a love language. This is because the five different love languages are usually not talked about until a marriage starts having problems. One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication. Love languages are an excellent way to improve communication in your marriage.

Knowing your love language is important because knowing both your own love language as well as the love languages of those close to you will allow you to better express yourself and better understand the intentions of others.

Knowing your love language is essential to having a healthy and loving relationship. If you do not know what your partner’s love language is, you could be hurting them without even knowing it.

Find out what your primary love language is by taking this quiz. Don’t over-analyze the questions, select what comes naturally to you. Let’s get started!

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    It’s more meaningful to me when….

    • My partner helps me when I need it
    • My partner tells me how much he/she loves me out of the blue
    • My partner and I hug
    • I can spend alone time with my partner – just the two of us
    • My partner gives me a little gift as a token of our love for each other
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    It’s more meaningful to me when….

    • My partner surprises me with a bouquet of flowers at work
    • My partner professes his/her love to me in public
    • My partner and I are into the same TV shows
    • My partner picks up a treat for me
    • My partner puts his/her arm around me in public
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    It’s bothers me when….

    • My partner cancels our weekend plans
    • My partner doesn’t help me with my project
    • There’s a lack of touch from my partner when we’re out with our friends
    • My partner doesn’t put more thoughts into an anniversary gift
    • Forgets to compliment how I look in my new dress
  • Question of

    When my partner offends me, I’d rather my partner…

    • Apologizes over and over again
    • Apologizes and be intimate with me
    • Apologizes and buy me a bouquet of flowers
    • Apologizes and take me out on a date
    • Apologizes and rubs my feet and give me a massage
  • Question of

    I feel more secured in my relationship when my partner…

    • YesRemembers the songs we danced to on our first and most recent date
    • Talks to me about his/her inner most fears and ambitions
    • Plans a date where we do stuff together
    • Reassures me he/she values me and will always be by my side
    • Hugs and kisses me when I’m feeling down
  • Question of

    It irritates me when…

    • YesMy partner doesn’t sit next to me when watching movies
    • NoMy partner works on ‘never ending projects’
    • My partner doesn’t say I love you often
    • My partner doesn’t make a big deal about my birthdays
    • My partner doesn’t help me with house chores
  • Question of

    You find it sexy when…

    • Your partner looks in your eye while listening to you
    • Your partner kisses you on the cheek randomly
    • Your partner encourages you to plan a date with your close friends
    • Your partner tells you how proud they are of you for always trying your best, whatever it is
    • Your partner is thoughtful of the next anniversary gift
  • Question of

    How would you apologize to your partner?

    • Take my partner on a date to their favorite restaurant/cafe’ and apologize
    • Apologize sincerely then seduce and have a makeup sex
    • Let my partner know how sorry I am and reassure him/her it’ll never happen again
    • Buy my partner something they’ve been wanting for so long and apologize that way
    • Cook my partner his/her favorite dish and let him know how sorry I am
  • Question of

    My friends normally tell me…

    • I’m very emotinal
    • I’m very helpful
    • I’m very handy and likes fixing things
    • My parties are awesome
    • To get a room with my partner because of PDA (public display of affection)
  • Question of

    On a day off, I’d rather…

    • Make myself a calming self-care kit
    • Watch a TED Talk
    • Take a bubble bath
    • Give myself a break
    • Do a guided meditation
  • Question of

    I find comfort in…

    • Keeping a gratitude jar
    • Investing in my passion
    • Creating a to-do-list
    • Snuggling in a cozy blanket
    • Listening to my favorite album on repeat

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