What’s Your Love Language? Quiz

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    It’s more meaningful to me when….

    • My partner helps me when I need it
    • My partner tells me how much he/she loves me out of the blue
    • My partner and I hug
    • I can spend alone time with my partner – just the two of us
    • My partner gives me a little gift as a token of our love for each other
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    It’s more meaningful to me when….

    • My partner surprises me with a bouquet of flowers at work
    • My partner professes his/her love to me in public
    • My partner and I are into the same TV shows
    • My partner picks up a treat for me
    • My partner puts his/her arm around me in public
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    It’s bothers me when….

    • My partner cancels our weekend plans
    • My partner doesn’t help me with my project
    • There’s a lack of touch from my partner when we’re out with our friends
    • My partner doesn’t put more thoughts into an anniversary gift
    • Forgets to compliment how I look in my new dress
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    When my partner offends me, I’d rather my partner…

    • Apologizes over and over again
    • Apologizes and be intimate with me
    • Apologizes and buy me a bouquet of flowers
    • Apologizes and take me out on a date
    • Apologizes and rubs my feet and give me a massage
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    I feel more secured in my relationship when my partner…

    • YesRemembers the songs we danced to on our first and most recent date
    • Talks to me about his/her inner most fears and ambitions
    • Plans a date where we do stuff together
    • Reassures me he/she values me and will always be by my side
    • Hugs and kisses me when I’m feeling down
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    It irritates me when…

    • YesMy partner doesn’t sit next to me when watching movies
    • NoMy partner works on ‘never ending projects’
    • My partner doesn’t say I love you often
    • My partner doesn’t make a big deal about my birthdays
    • My partner doesn’t help me with house chores
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    You find it sexy when…

    • Your partner looks in your eye while listening to you
    • Your partner kisses you on the cheek randomly
    • Your partner encourages you to plan a date with your close friends
    • Your partner tells you how proud they are of you for always trying your best, whatever it is
    • Your partner is thoughtful of the next anniversary gift
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    How would you apologize to your partner?

    • Take my partner on a date to their favorite restaurant/cafe’ and apologize
    • Apologize sincerely then seduce and have a makeup sex
    • Let my partner know how sorry I am and reassure him/her it’ll never happen again
    • Buy my partner something they’ve been wanting for so long and apologize that way
    • Cook my partner his/her favorite dish and let him know how sorry I am
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    My friends normally tell me…

    • I’m very emotinal
    • I’m very helpful
    • I’m very handy and likes fixing things
    • My parties are awesome
    • To get a room with my partner because of PDA (public display of affection)
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    On a day off, I’d rather…

    • Make myself a calming self-care kit
    • Watch a TED Talk
    • Take a bubble bath
    • Give myself a break
    • Do a guided meditation
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    I find comfort in…

    • Keeping a gratitude jar
    • Investing in my passion
    • Creating a to-do-list
    • Snuggling in a cozy blanket
    • Listening to my favorite album on repeat

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